These are the rules of the wiki, we expect them to be followed, if not it may result in to block.


Do not be rude!

  • Be polite to other users we are all the same in a way.

Vandalising or Spamming is not tolerated!

  • There is no reason to spam or vandalise!

Respect all Staff Members and the decisions they make

  • Just because they block you or warn you, there is no reason to complain you should what you did! But if you do not know why you are blocked or warned or feel like you shouldn't be you are allowed to complain.

Agree to Disagree

  • If you don't agree with anything and have nothing nice to stay then don't say anything at all!

No inappropriate material

  • Nothing that children shouldn't read, if an admin sees it the comment or anything will immediately be deleted from now on of you do write a comment or anything you will receive a warning.