Logan Hunter
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Character's information
Age: 15-16
Status: Husband
Nationality: American

Logan Hunter, portrayed by Leo Howard, appears in multiple Season 3 episodes of Shake It Up. Logan is the son of Jeremy Hunter and was going to be CeCe Jones and Flynn Jones's stepbrother and Georgia Jones's stepson, until I Do It Up, when Georgia and Jeremy don't get married because they felt that they rushed into their relationship. Logan and Rocky end-up dating for 6 days then they break up, because CeCe gave Logan another chance and Logan didn't give CeCe a chance. In Future it up Logan enters, revealing that he is CeCe's husband, they got married, and their son L.J's name stands for Logan Junior.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Logan is shown to be a likeable guy. He is seemingly, sarcastic and loves skateboarding. Despite this though he is also very disciplined and dedicated to what ever he does. He seems to be a stickler for rules, but that doesn't mean he doesn't know how or when to have fun. He's mostly a nice guy, although will get annoyed if pushed. He dislikes CeCe because he thinks she has a lack of work ethic. Despite this he seems to like Rocky. He also seems to like Flynn, due to their similar personalities. Logan also has a tendency of saying "ZAM!" when he is happy.

Future It UpEdit

Logan is portrayed as a businessman. He is married to CeCe and has a son, L.J.


  • This is the second time Leo Howard portrays a character named "Logan", the first time being Logan, where he portrays the titular character.
  • His nickname is "Little Scooter". Coincidentally, "Scooter" was one of Jack's (also portrayed by Leo Howard) nicknames in Kickin' It.
  • Logan can't dance, this may be a reference to how in Kickin It, Jack (also portrayed by Leo Howard), couldn't dance.
  • He has been to Paris and learned how to speak some French.
  • Logan takes over Tinka's role as CeCe's rival.
  • He has the same initials as his portrayer, Leo Howard (L.H.).
  • In the future, he marries CeCe, and they have a son called L.J (Logan Junior).
  • He dates Rocky, but marries CeCe.