L.J Hunter
Character's information
Age: 11
Status: Son
Nationality: American

Logan "L.J." Hunter Jr is the future son of Cece Jones and Logan Hunter. He is seen only in the episode Future It Up . He seems to be around 11 years old which means he was born in the year 2024. He shares a resemblance to his Uncle, Flynn Jones. He is portrayed by Davis Cleveland.



Aunts and Uncles

  • Flynn Jones (Uncle, Mother's Side)


  • Georgia Jones (Grandmother, Mother's Side)
  • J.J. Jones (Grandfather, Mother's Side)
  • Jeremy Hunter (Grandfather, Father's Side)


L.J is a lot like his Uncle Flynn since he is identical to him when he was his age, and they seem to act a lot alike. He also says "I got it mom!", like his uncle. He seems to care about his parents and still has a bit of a childish personality, though he is very mature for his age


  • He looks physically identical to his Uncle Flynn
  • He shows that he cares about his mom by trying to convince her to make up with Rocky  so they can be friends again.
  • He likes going to the toy store.
  • He doesn't like his grandma's cooking.
  • L.J is the child of the shipping Cogan
  • He is the only child of a SIU pairing that is a minor character, not including Deuce and Dina's kids who are background characters.
  • He is portrayed by Davis Cleveland, who is part of the main cast and also plays his Uncle Flynn. This is why they look exactly alike.
  • L.J is play by a main cast member, though he is a minor character.
  • L.J only appears in one episode. (Future It Up)
  • He says "I got it mom!" just like his Uncle Flynn, and his mom.


  • "I got it mom!"
  • "Dad's flying all the way from Australia!"
  • "Why do you insist on being so childish?"
  • "And I know you can't make new old friends. You taught me that."
  • Cece: "Wow. I am such a good mom!" L.J: "Your okay."
  • "Don't just sit there woman! Let's jump!"
  • "Dad picked me up just in time. Grandma was about to cook!"